Kaffe Cream

Cream - full of joy and femininity.
A very feminine and romantic brand. It's characterized by a bohemian and personal look.

"Lovely detail extravaganza". Most of Cream is decorated with various ornaments as flounces, lace and embroidery.

Cream Deluxe - own brand with accessories.
There is always a large assortment of beautiful scarves, bags, shoes and jewelry that complements your "outfit".

Kaffe - our mission is to be "the perfect buy".
The designers at Kaffe are aiming to be the perfect garment, with perfect timing, at a perfect price.

Soaked in Luxury - luxury for the eye.
The collections are sexy, modern and feminine. The brand's success lies in the ability to create "must-haves" for a good price.

Denim Hunter - all women are entitled to a cool pair of jeans.
There is no "the perfect fitting" because every woman is unique, therefore we create our jeans with different fits.


Store manager: Anna-Karin Holm

Phone: 0300-715 33

Email: modicamarket@outlook.com